The History and Beauty of Isla Jardin del Mar

Isla Jardin del mar which opened on January 2010 is just a 4.5 kilometer ride away from Gumasa Glan, Sarangani where most of the activities of the annual Sarbay festival are held. Situated at what was once a secluded cove along the shorelines of Gumasa, right after the property of the Salazar’s and Adarna’s. the whole resort occupies a total of 34 hectares, half of which have earmarked for development. Isla Jardin del Mar which literally means “Island Garden of the Sea” in Spanish is managed by Charlemagne “Wanchin” Tan-Delfino. Why they named it Isla del Mar? because if viewed from the air, Isla Jardin del Mar looks like a “peninsula connected to a small island with the cottages and restaurant floating over two separated white sand bars” according to the Sarangani Provincial Office P.R. The P.R continues “the pinkish white shoreline stretches and curves 750 meters, which gives one an impression that the beachfront is part of a small island. But, how’s the nice view of Isla Jardin del Mar?

Going there was not difficult at all, we travelled in a private car from General Santos City, it took 2 hours to arrive to Isla Jardin del Mar. it’s a bit further down the highway from the beach resorts and you really have to ride from the highway into the resort, it’s a bit isolated from other beaches (the road is a roller coaster treat, and that roller coaster enjoyed us all). If you prefer the isolation from busy beaches and beach goers then this is a resort for you!

Isla Jardin del Mar’s white sand beach does not have the same texture as that of the beach along Gumasa but the water is still immaculately blue and still safe and fun for wading for kids and swimming, plus snorkeling for older people. There will be carbs and a fish pond in the future so we can do fishing. The lagoon has a breath taking view of a small lake and the Sarangani bay atop the hills which serves as the boundaries for Isla Jardin del Mar. At the beach there is also a coral garden about 25 meters from the shoreline which can be enjoyed by the snorkelers and divers due to this thriving school of colorful coral fish.

Other than these they have also a restaurant which serves various meals and decently priced food any time during the day and earlier at night (it closes at 10pm) but they don’t have a room service, why? Because they want their guests to exercise and explore the beach while they go to the restaurant to eat. Then, I   would say that the service here is excellent and the staff are accommodating and are pleasant and eager to serve you.

They also have a wonderful “Sunset Boulevard”, it’s a nice long walk from the shore to the side of a huge cliff where you can watch the sunset.

Overall, I’d say this place is really awesome for a get-away. An overnight stay or two nights stay will satisfy your saltwater and sunburn craving. So what are you waiting for? Invite your friends and enjoy to go there!


Jaydee L. Silongan AB Political Scientist

English 5 MTH 9-10:30am


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