A Day to Remember

the sunset view from the shores of Isla Jardin Del Mar, Gumasa, Glan

Christine Jane Abueme


Are you looking for a perfect place where you could unwind or escape and kill all the memories that only makes you feel sad, low, outcast and unimportant?

Get ready to visit and explore the tropical paradise in the southern tip of the Philippines where you could only feel the joy and contentment in your hearts.

I have made an itinerary list to guide you for the places to explore. First, to check on our adventure list is the elegant, prestigious and wide Capitol of Sarangani where it has made in honour for Rep. James L. Chiongbian for proposing a historical resolution that will separate the Sarangani from its mother province, South Cotabato.

Next stop would be the tribal villages abound proudly practicing cultural headlines evidently seen in their daily lifestyle and craftsmanship. Their awesome artworks especially the way they weave the malong and their cultural dresses speaks for their passion to do it and it has captured both the local market and even the neighbouring countries particularly in Alaska and London. I even saw and asked an adorable teenager there named Mara, same age like me and she said she is weaving a malong for five (5) years and learned it by only watching and observing her dear mother doing it. I can see through her eyes the love and joy brought by what she is doing.

Next to our stop is the top spot at Glan where you could site the wide beach of Sarangani that you cannot get enough with its marvelous diving grounds where exotic and untouched coral gardens spread out that you could see. Also, going to Glan where you could also suit yourself and check the old ancestral houses, trees like acacia, antique things including jars, masks, mirrors, chairs, and even those old crucifix that you could only be seen there. These are the evidence of the backbone of Maguindanao pre-history.

Finally, our last stop would be the overwhelming beach resort of Isla Jardin del Mar where you could loosen up, let your hair down and play in the powdery white sand of it. Swim and catch the golden rays of the sun as you take a dip and soak in the pristine clear water. Watch the glistening golden sunset that is perfect for everybody to watch and realize how lucky they are to witness such a romantic sunset amidst lulling waves and cool breeze. You could also visit the tourist spot there, the Sunrise and Sunset Boulevard.

The beach is also perfect for big families to enjoy and for couples who are madly and deeply in love with each other like the lovers I’ve seen there a couple of days ago having their pre-nup and it is also perfect for those who are still waiting for the one who will complete them. This might be the right place for them to meet their other half.

So what are you waiting for? Come and visit Sarangani to experience such wonderful memories that is worth keeping and remembering.


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