The White Boat

Cyrill Devorie Cajolo AB Political Science 

English 5 MTH 9:00-10:30, Professor: Russtum Pelima


“Wow…”, I glanced at my wife whose eyes were wide-open because of amazement. We were on our way to Isla Jardin Del Mar, a beach resort in Glan, Sarangani Province; and beside the road was a cliff that gave a breathtaking view of the municipality’s bay. Ashley and I got married three days ago in Los Angeles, California and decided to have our honeymoon in my hometown here in the Philippines.

“Are we there yet?”, she asked, obviously excited to step foot on the beach’s white sand. “You sure are excited for our honeymoon”, I said, eyes focused on the road. “Of course… Well, I wasn’t referring to ‘that’!”, Ashley exclaimed after realizing what I meant, which made me laugh.

After about 45 minutes of driving, we finally reached our destination.

“Wait. I think I left my soul back there”, Ashley said as we got out of the car. I chuckled and looked at my wife who was trying to recover from the rollercoaster-like ride we had while on the way to the resort’s entrance. The sun’s rays shone at her chestnut-brown hair that covered her fair face as she closed her eyes and tried to compose herself. I still found it hard to believe that the amazing woman in front of me was finally my wife.

“Okay, let’s go!”, Ashley beamed at me. We walked to the information desk and asked for the key to our room. “He’s good-looking”, she said, referring to the staff who gave us the key. “Sarangans are good-looking people. That’s why you married me”, I laughed and she joined me.

We put our things inside the room and went out to have a walk. Isla Jardin has a variety of rooms – from air-conditioned suite rooms to De Luxe Rooms that are either air-conditioned or fan-cooled; to open-type cottages.

It was a Wednesday in the first week of May so there were only a few visitors during our stay. We sat down beneath the lifeguard’s post and looked at the sea whose turquoise water was sparkling because of the sun’s rays.

“Can we ride that?”, my wife pointed to the white boat by our right that had Isla Jardin del Mar painted on both sides.

And we did. We also tried snorkeling and cliff-diving. The staffs were very accommodating and views around the place were magnificent. We were also able to talk to a few tourists who come back to the resort every year because of its “relaxing and close-to-nature” characteristics.

And now, here I am again at this beautiful tourist spot at the bottom part of the Philippines, with a girl who I’m willing to spend my whole life with. Too bad I can no longer hold Ashley’s hand anymore. She died while giving birth to this precious angel that I’m with.

“Daddy, can we ride that?”, my five-year-old daughter points at the white boat beside us. I smiled as a tear slowly fell down my eye.


Isla Jardin del Mar’s Sea that Sparkles Under Broad Daylight


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