Gumasa Beach: One Great Summer Destination

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Imagine you’re on a place standing from afar, thinking of how great the view was, at the same time doing relaxation, having some drinks and experiencing its unique ambience. The sun is up scorching but you wouldn’t mind it. You’re still there standing behind taking the entire pleasure, letting yourself deal to its awesomeness and  trying to forget for a while the busy urban life you have.

Actually, this is the kind of state which fully describe the so-called beach paradise of the must visit resorts of Gumasa, known as the Boracay of SoCCSKSargen Region. It commonly offers a variety of fine white sand beaches and coves where you can indulge yourself and discover the wonders of the vast blue sky, the serene sound of immaculately blue waves rushing to the shore and the one of a kind golden sunset at dusk.

Gumasa is considered as a treasured priced jewel that made happen to be the center attraction of Glan, Sarangani. It is located along or in the middle of the turquoise waters of Sarangani Bay with its wide and peaceful white sand beaches that pulls the attention of the local and the foreign tourist. Due to its endless beauty existing for about five years and still counting, Gumasa made to enhance and develop more its peculiar structure, the reason why hundreds or thousands of people really come and witness the place especially when Sarangani Bay Fest arrives.

Moreover, the glorious beaches of Gumasa are not only for swimming but it’s also perfect and suitable for snorkelling and diving. It is also available for all beach sports and activities which labelled the place being popular, like Frisbee, volleyball, kayaking, jet skiing and other exciting water sports. With this sort of things provided for leisure time, definitely more foreign tourists may visit the place especially those who are really interested, adventurous and willing to try more unusual and nerve-wracking acts.

Concerning about the accommodation, it is neither a problem nor an issue. You can either camp outside the shore or rent a room vertically lined up in one of different resorts around Gumasa. There are a lot of nice beach houses and different resorts to choose from, starting with the cheapest and the simplest style to a more expensive and the classy ones. Selecting for the best place to stay among the resorts of Gumasa, Isla Jardin Del Mar is the best choice you can have, which is now considered as the newest and included to the must visit resorts.

After loitering and engaging yourself from all day beach summer activities, you can now settle and start to rest and do some relaxation by the seashore while gazing at the perfect image of the sunset around the waters of Sarangani Bay. Together with your family, relatives, adventure buddies and especially with your one and only, it is then the best thing and the right time to end the day filled with adventures in Gumasa.

Gumasa is now becoming one of the most popular places where everyone can visit to, especially summer is fast approaching; a lot of local and foreign tourists do want to find and explore beautiful places and wonderful beaches. If finding an exact, one of a kind destination and a place like home during summer, Gumasa and its must visit resorts, especially Isla Jardin Del Mar is the best place for you.

Create memories with best buddies, it is really more fun to travel and hang-out with great friends. The long travel is much enough to experience a lot of memories which will definitely last for a long time. Those photographs, video clips and souvenirs you bought are the reason also why you end up with a very meaningful journey you will treasure in your entire life. We only live once so we must live life to the fullest. We try to unfold new things the reason why we encounter unexpected happenings and that make life so special.

Travelling and doing crazy things push us to conquer our fears and indeed motivate us to learn new things in life. Mistakes will be always a part of us, it will be painful at first but eventually that wound will heal in time. We may lose some courage to fight back in life and let ourselves drown from problems. It’s like your journey to Gumasa, you might encounter unusual experiences but still at the end of the day, you learn to deal with those things.

As the night started to cover up the entire place, your hopes, inspiration and dreams will still continue even the day ends already, it may stop but tomorrow is again a brand new day to start a kick-off with a bang.

Experience true greatness. Treat yourself to the hidden wonders of Gumasa.

2016-05-04 15.00.49
The tranquil, scenic seascape, turquoise waters and the white sand beach view that showcases the unique beauty of Isla Jardin Del Mar early warmed afternoon at Gumasa Sarangani Province.






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