Behind the Frontiers of Wonders: Choose Sarangani, Choose Greatness

“You’re not having fun yet when you’ve never been in Glan, Sarangani Province.”

As of the year, 2014 and 2015 Sarangani receives 13 awards like Best National Tourism Event in Sports, Adventure & Wellness for SarBay Fest, MOST VISITED Day Tourism Destination, and Best ASEAN Cultural Reservation Effort, indications of a grandeurs’ paradise. The undeniable slack-jawed white sand beach resorts are the perfect venue for travel photography and beach outings are at its best. The preserved and diverse culture of the people from its very own dynamic festivals are the reasons why Sarangani deserved too many interests from tourists. Indeed, I give high praises for such an excellent well camaraderie of the people for enriching their grounds.

But all those marvelous features were only resourceful chapters of Sarangani. Let’s go deeper to one of the 7 Municipalities to which Sarangani was proud of, Glan. This simple town should not be underestimated because inside the amiable and sanctity ambiance is the canopy of century-year-old acacia trees which can be the living diary of its own land. What so amazing about trees is that it can witness the transformation of the place where it is rooted from. The century-year-old acacia trees scattered in the peaceful town tells a rich history.

Long ago the southernmost pit of Mindanao, where the evergreen trees grow together along with the fruitful land, a group of people dances and sings in tranquillity and spirit. They were the tribe of Munahto in which “Muna” which means First and “To” which means People. Alongside the Sarangani Provincial Capitol found the modern sculpture of the Munahto and every 30th day of November is the festival as a tribute to the First people of Sarangani.

As we move forward to the earner most coast of Sarangani, where in the olden days, Moro bluebloods, datus and other hunters with their “magalang” or sharp bolos, arrows and other bladed weapons was chasing for deer. Their arena for hunting was later called “galang” short for “magalang” and in which the name of Glan was derived from.

Thereafter, there came the first 16 Cebuano settlers who opened and tilled the fertile soil of Glan. In the year 1914, under the acacia trees of Glan, Don Tranquilino Ruiz of Alegria from Cebu arrived appointed by Gen. Francis Burton Harrison. The people would agree that Don Ruiz is the sole architect that shaped the foundations of Glan’s destiny.  It’s a privilege to met his great-grandson, Tranquilino Ruiz of Alegria III who is now 61 years old and the accommodating caretaker of the priceless antique collection of the Familys’memorabillia because it is like talking to a book of the history of Glan for he is very knowledgeable that he can answer all our questions. He said that the gate is open anytime, without any entrance fees, which makes information accessible to everybody.

Strolling around the place will never bore you because as you walk around the town you will pass through the ancestral houses which serve as living museums. The style of each mesmerizing with its classical designs shows how old the houses really are. I can also feel the simple happy life of the whole neighborhood, away from the running around the clock life in the city. Talking to the people there proves that Glan is a melting pot of Maguinadaon, Taosug, B’laan and Tboli indigenous tribes. Even though they speak different dialects they live in peaceful coexistence and it’s very amusing.

When I’m tired of walking I stopped at the Century old trees which were just around then I could seat under its shade and feel the tranquillity of the whole town. If only trees could talk, I want to hear the story around its vicinity, not just the history of Glan itself but the life of the people around, the children, the vendors, the drivers, the old men who grow up together with the place and the tree. The Century Old Trees also symbolize Glan because, through the years it remains strong, powerful and historical.

There is so much more to explore than the beautiful beach of Sarangani Bay and the exciting wavelike road trip in Glan. It’s something I highly recommend for not just a place where you can go wild and crazy but also a right place for a runaway and for unwinding from the stress of life. Before I forgot, I found 10 pesos coin while wandering around the area and because of that, I consider myself lucky for I can still buy a juice to quench my thirst. As for you, I wonder what you can accidentally found in Glan, there’s also a possibility for a “who”.


Chrissa Mae I. Cartera   II-ABPOS

Prof. Russtum Pelima


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