A Place like Isla

Angel Ann N. Baga

Eng5, MTH, 9:00-10:30

A Place like Isla

It was a warm and muggy afternoon as we arrived to the most awaiting part of our long journey. Everyone was excited as the perfect weather embraced them. We immediately took pictures and wandered off in the stunning resort of Isla Jardin Del Mar.

While everyone was busy changing their clothes, taking pictures, swimming and eating, I walked around and have chitchatted two ladies namely “Mich” and “Eden” who were at the counter of the resort. There, I found out several information about how beautiful the resort really is. I, as a first timer in this resort can describe how amazingly God created a lovely place like this. I asked Ate Mich why this resort called Isla even though it’s not an island. She said “Gitawag syang Isla kay pag magsakay ka ug chopper, mura jud sya’g Isla”.  I laughed about what she said but then it’s true that it looked like an island when I went to their information place. She explained further that Isla Jardin is also called the “small Boracay” in Sarangani because of its fine white sand, clear water, images of different animals, and walking trails that will lead you to a nice little private cove, and sunset boulevard.

Meanwhile, Ate Eden joined in our conversation that we had with Ate Mich. I asked if Isla Jardin resort is part of the Sarangani Bay Festival, but unfortunately, they’re not part of it. I thought all resort in Sarangani are participating and celebrating the SarBay Fest. Even though they’re not part of it, still they accommodate people for rooms. They accept advance reservations and bookings that’s why they are always fully booked especially when SarBay Fest is fast approaching. Later on, we talked about the celebrities who visited in this resort. Ate Eden said that “Si Ethel Booba ang suki namo dre nga gabalik balik”, and I added “Kinsa pa ‘te ang mga artista nga naka adto na dre?”,  Ate Mich then answered, “Aside kay Ethel, pamilya ni Manny Pacquiao, si Freddie Roach, Tibo sa PBB, Bea Binene, ug banda nga Kamikazee, Bamboo, Parokya ni Edgar, ug uban pa.”

Because of many celebrities who often visit their resort, I also asked about their resorts’ safeness. They have Bantay Dagat 24hours, roaming guards, entrance guard, and CCTV’s. No wonder many people are still arriving during evening.

Ate Eden and Mich told me that aside from SarBay Fest, many tourists visit Isla Jardin during summer vacation. Tourists go to Isla Jardin not just for white sand beach and beautiful view, but also in their activities for unwinding and enjoyment. Such activities are billiard, ping-pong, beach volleyball, basketball, banana boating, speed boating, and kayak. Also, in their special foods they served like Isla Jardin express and Isla Jardin fried chicken.

After our short conversation, I went into their information place and read facts about Isla Jardin. Even though there is no snorkelling activity, the resort has hidden beauty and treasure underwater. They maintain the coral reefs and monitor its growth. Giant clams are protected and different species of fishes and clams are found inside Isla Jardin.

Walking along the seashore, I take a deep breath of fresh air and look at the surroundings. I felt like I was in a paradise because everything looks perfect. The sun, sea and sand gave me the perfect combination for having a wonderful journey. For a while, I take a rest and sat on a rock near the ocean water. I dug my feet under the cold, fine white sand and swivelled my toes. I closed my eyes and listened to the swishing sounds of the waves. This sound refreshes my mind. It relieves my tensions about studies. Then, I gazed at the horizon realizing that the sun will set soon. I, together with my friends went to sunset boulevard to witness what other people say about how sunset amazingly look like.

Everyone was waiting and full of excitement. The sun slowly goes down. I can see the reflection of the sun on the water like what I have seen on pictures. Unluckily, my most awaited scene turned into frustration. The clouds stole the moment of the sun to perfectly set. But a small dim of light peep between the clouds and the horizon that tells us to return again.

I was feeling refreshed after the visit to Isla Jardin. All my expectations were satisfied. Preparing to leave, many tourists arrived. All of us wanted to stay because of the enjoyment we felt while staying in this resort like paradise.

Warm, beautiful weather, soothing waves, and a day of enjoyment is in your future if you plan on visiting Isla Jardin Del Mar.

Isla Jardin’s sunset, a dim light peeping between the clouds and the horizon. (Photo by: Jasper Kent Perez)





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