A Catch of Journey in South

As the sun rest its rays on May 4 around 5:00 pm at Isla Jardin Del Mar, I was there waiting. Credits to Chrissa Mae Cartera

Ailen Rose Puertas

9:00-10:00 MTH

Prof. Russtum Pelima

I never imagine bringing myself to a wonderland that will rejuvenate my soul. A spot that pleases my senses naturally and appeals dramatically to my eyes. Until the hero came a long time ago, a man with a ship wandered the beauty of the ground.

With my block mates, we explored the winsomeness of the wonderland. Upon reaching, the wind blew out leaving the smell of fresh sea water that dares to taste the sweetness of nature.

The sun shined the place one hundred years ago when the settlers from the north came over by chance, with the man named Don Tranquilino Ruiz. They find the place suitable for planting that is coupled by the aquaculture, framing them to make use of the minerals offered by the sea, a good source of living.

The man named Don Tranquilino Ruiz and family made possible the preservation of the items from the past that would speak the history and legacy of the place.

The place was actually called Glan, the oldest town in SOCCKSARGEN. Accordingly, Glan comes from the Blaan term Galan’ meaning bolo (knife) because the Blaan cultivated the area using the bolo (knife) and then later on the place was tagged as Glan. Glan is rich in culture. It was populated by the Blaan, the Maguindanon, and the Christians placing them at the mouth of the bay.

The sea witnessed for a century the movements of Glan. From a plain corn field into a thousand of coconut sitting the drift that labeled the place as the “Coco Queen of the South” that helps transformed the land into a tourist destination. The several acacia trees lining-up the streets and in the school also project an old image and attested the occurrence in Glan.

The people of Glan were gifted of nature. Having a sea as a source of living and later became a source of amusement and tranquility. With a white sand, gleaming air and a blue water shaded by the sky that attracts and makes us fall in love with the place.
For one hundred years they keep Glan as it is and that makes Glan extraordinary.

While waiting for the sunset, our most awaited part, Samantha and I were talking about this and that. Learning that we could be like a sea. A sea that brings happiness, comfort and amenity, likewise we could also be a wave that carries inconvenience to others.

Glan is really a good place to unwind and to temporarily escape from our loads in the crowded atmosphere. Because the sun never set in Glan, the sun is still shining even the day ends.


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