Woven Heirloom

Ralfh Andrew D. Dacutin Along the roads of Sarangani, rise the humble workshop of fine clothing and tapestry. The fine strings of thread woven together to create such beautiful art of rich culture and history. The malong weavers of Malapatan, the Balungis Women, were the creators of this handmade beauty. With their gentle hands, they … More Woven Heirloom

And On To The Next: A Balungis Women’s Association Story

More often than not, when Sarangani is brought up in conversations, most would speak of Glan’s pristine white sand beaches and the Capitol in Alabel as Sarangani’s version of the White House. Excluding these two however, is another place just as awe-inspiring as the aforementioned. Approximately forty-five minutes away from General Santos City, stands the … More And On To The Next: A Balungis Women’s Association Story

A Day to Remember

Christine Jane Abueme   Are you looking for a perfect place where you could unwind or escape and kill all the memories that only makes you feel sad, low, outcast and unimportant? Get ready to visit and explore the tropical paradise in the southern tip of the Philippines where you could only feel the joy … More A Day to Remember

The White Boat

Cyrill Devorie Cajolo AB Political Science  English 5 MTH 9:00-10:30, Professor: Russtum Pelima   “Wow…”, I glanced at my wife whose eyes were wide-open because of amazement. We were on our way to Isla Jardin Del Mar, a beach resort in Glan, Sarangani Province; and beside the road was a cliff that gave a breathtaking … More The White Boat