MSUans advocate Creative Commons

Humanities students of Mindanao State University-General Santos campaign for intellectual property rights through the use of Creative Commons on a short film festival Wednesday, April 6, 2016 at the Phela Grande Hotel.

Creative Commons ( is a US-based non-profit organization that helps film makers expand their creative works without violating intellectual property rights.

“We encourage you to make videos using creative common license clips and keep your mind growing w

hile observing ethical standards,” Professor Pablo Flamiano said. He added among the different art forms, the class focused on film without the camera so students can be more creative.

“I am sure that there were realizations after understanding what Creative Commons are because I know we are using internet materials all the time.”

A collection of 15 short films by three humanities classes under Flamiano was showcased during the event. These are series of fragmented videos from Youtube combined to create stories. These videos passed through a filter called Creative Commons designed to standardize Youtube license that enable the user to download them without the permission of the owner.

Further, Creative Commons films aim to raise awareness to researchers especially students to be responsible in downloading and copying videos and other documents.

“Through this event, we can see how an MSUan maximize what we can have and how an MSUan become resourceful and at the same time creative,” instructor Norman Ralph Isla said. Isla was one among the judges of the said competition.

“We just used our creative minds and worked as a team,” student editor of the winning film ‘Tulab’ Samuel Lirazan, Jr. said. “We also learned how to be more patient and resourceful.” (Vince Jay San Juan, Samantha Mayo and Ailen Rose Puertas)



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